Get that Will done. Why?

It is a great week on Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, Sun City Hilton Head, Oaktie.  Good week to get an estate plan done.  That’s right.  A will, living will, health care directive, business power of attorney.  All those documents are for the living time.  The living will takes care of end of life decisions so that your wishes are respected.  It also helps family members and loved ones make the decisions you want for your time of illness.  The business (or durable) power of attorney appoints someone to take care of your business matters when you cannot – say when you are in the hospital and someone needs to pay your water bill, or light bill, etc.  The will can state more than your wishes for your estate – land, possessions and money.  Your will can name guardianship wishes for your minor children, and can even set up a trust for your minor children.  All good planning for the future that is so easy to put off.  Get it done before the end of summer!

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