Denny FraserWe get the occasional springlike day that serves as a reminder that winter will have to give up soon. Certainly hope so. Buyers of paradise seem to be shaking off the holiday hangover and are creeping back in the property market. We are told that the freefall from the ’08 crash is over, prices have stabilized and beginning to climb back to reasonable levels. Our little firm closes about twenty resort properties monthly, and I usually check the square foot price on resale homes. My unscientific comparison still shows resale properties selling below the land + brick + mortar price. That means there are still great deals available on great homes in Hilton Head Island and Bluffton, Sc. The housing experts are telling us that inflation in building materials and labor cost is likely to keep the high quality resale homes at a bargain level. Bargains don’t last for ever, so hopefully those wanting to grab a deal on investment, retirement and vacation homes need to jump in. We love closing home sales for people buying a piece of paradise, but really love it when they get a great deal.